About Us

Mastering Mixed Martial Arts in Johannesburg

Our gym offers a multitude of expert classes ranging from MMA training, Muay Thai training and boxing classes in Johannesburg. Our unique packages have been designed with the ideas of conditioning your mind, soul and physical body. We train our dedicated members with an open fitness objective and help them to reach their true potential and succeed in reaching their goals. We also provide expert designed training and gracie jiu Jitsu which will definitely deliver amazing results to better fitness to both body and mind.


Since our passion lies with Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and boxing classes in Johannesburg, we coach our members with the goal of improving their lives with greater levels of power, fitness and endurance. We also use these “arts” because of the superior results and skills our members get to own for themselves.

What sets us apart from your ordinary gym is that we have created a unique environment that is challenging at all times and offers remarkable training instructors who are passionate in positive results. We are not a gym that offers a self-serving and comfortable environment that only cares for your membership. We are dedicated in having each and every member reach his or her true potential and learn skills during the process which will be life changing.

We form the foundation of a community that is devoted, helpful and steadfast to children, men and woman. Our encouragement is an absolute necessity to our members as it drives each other to achieve all goals and exceed them.

What can you enrol to at our gym?

We offer the following training and classes to men, woman and children:

• MMA Training
• Jiu Jitsu
• Boxing training
• Gracie Jiu Jistsu
• Muay Thai

Whatever your interests may be or your passion to try something new and learn lifelong skills, then this is the gym for you as we have unlimited development possibilities. We are a MMA gym that brings to our members new challenges every day that enhances your physical body and brings new meaning to your gym day…

Through expert MMA training in Johannesburg you will receive the required support that you need to help you achieve fast results. As you reach new heights within your mental and physical fitness, you will become rejuvenated and feel much better about yourself and your life.

For more information on our services and package deals, Contact us right now.