Boxing for toddlers!

February 26, 2015 By In Blog No Comment

The kids of today are stuck in a world that consists of a couch, television, iPads and video games. It is sad to see that so little time is being spent on outdoor activities or physical activities. Children are inherently drawn to kickball, soccer and other fun physical activities. Is there a way to get your child to have fun without it involving technology and social media applications? Well it seems like New York has taken on this challenge

Boxer kid training with punching ball

A well-known and popular gym in Long Island is now offering CrossFit classes to children as young at 3 years old. There is controversy around this topic, but this isn’t CrossFit like we as adults know it. Your kids will not be lifting weights and swinging kettle bells around any time soon. These specialised classes will give your children the opportunity to teach your little athlete basic CrossFit techniques like overhead presses and squats.

This is a fun way to get your child out of the house and offers them a fun and new way to play. View our Bully Boxing service and see what we can offer your pint sized super stars in terms of exercise and fun!