Gentle Technique

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Jiu Jitsu Classes in Johannesburg

Jiu Jitsu, roughly translated to “Gentle Technique” or “Gentle Art”, is a Japanese form of Martial Arts. This form of close combat was designed to enable the student to disarm weapon-carrying attackers, while not necessarily carrying a weapon themselves.

Fighting fire with fire is not always the most effective way – violent striking against armed opponents does not always work and Jiu Jitsu is designed to have a more gentle yet effective approach by focusing on pins, joint locks and body-throws to disarm opponents.


With armed crimes like muggings being an everyday occurrence in South Africa’s biggest city, having some Jiu Jitsu knowledge in Johannesburg can really help you defend yourself and your belongings.

There are many gyms in Johannesburg that offer Jiu Jitsu classes and gyms like Fight Fit Militia offer classes for both men and women.

Make sure you’re as prepared to protect yourself as you can be – Jiu Jitsu might just save your life.