How to Get In Shape with Boxing Training

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Why so many people are using boxing training to get fit.

Boxing training seems to be getting more popular by the day, probably because of the total workout that comes with it.  Boxing training involves muscle training and cardio workouts to deliver a complete answer to fitness.  If you are interested in starting boxing training, your best bet would be to find a gym near you.  This way you’ll have access to all the proper equipment.  However, if you’d like to start working out at home before moving on to the gym, here are a few staples in all boxers’ training regimens that you can start with.


Shadow Boxing

This is used to refine your technique and warm up before a more intense workout.  It may sound easy, but if you do this long enough you’ll break a sweat and start to feel the burn.


A strong core is important for boxers – it maximises punching power – and so sit-ups are vital in boxing training.  It is important to do these properly, however, as it is possible to injure yourself if your technique is wrong.


These aren’t tailored specially for boxing, but boxers use them in their training.  Simple, but efficient, push-ups work a lot of muscles in your upper body.


Boxers have to stay fit, as endurance is vital in the ring.  Cardio is great because it burns fat, quickens your heart rate, and gets your breathing deeply.

Skipping rope

How many boxing movies have skipping rope scenes in them? Just about all of them.  The skipping rope strengthens leg muscles, increases fitness, and promotes fine footwork – vital to any boxer.