Mixed Martial Arts Training

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The Best of all Worlds

Mixed martial arts, popularly known as MMA, is the comprehensive training workout for fitness, protection and sport. It encompasses all the attributes of the original oriental martial arts with a holistic overview of mind/body resources. MMA training is a perfect practice of strength and endurance capabilities and will build the practitioners beyond the expected limits.

MMA training
allows practitioners to develop their own hybrid combination of, inter alia, boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai and clinch fighting, to optimise their own style, fitness and strength. MMA incorporates three basic skills- striking, grappling and wrestling-to produce a competitive, full-contact sport. Rules vary from country to country and between different schools.

Cave drawings as old as 15 000 years ago depict men grappling and wrestling as a means of establishing superiority and pecking order in tribes. Physical contacts such as these fights were a form of communication and were fully accepted by people. This continues today, but probably in a more stylised form with more rigid rules. As society removes barriers in some ways it erects some in other ways. Combat and violence are not readily accepted these days unless they are displayed in a formal arena with judges and rules.

MMA training is a self-exploratory means of developing mentally and physically to the very highest level possible. It increases physical endurance, strength, speed, eye/hand co-ordination and retaliatory power. As well, it maximises personal mental power and reliance of the self. It uses no tools or machinery and it, therefore, enhances the body’s pure functionality and advancement.