MMA Training Services

Our gym of MMA training consists of industry experts who have mastered their field of technique and provide members with fitness results, discipline and martial art skills.

MMA Training Services

MMA Training Services

You will find the following classes and training in our gym:

Mixed Martial Arts Training in Johannesburg – MMA Training

This has been proven to be the very best forms of fitness by both men and women, and the preferred form of the fighting arts. With its origin from Greece, and hand to hand contact, this technique has evolved through the years to enable humans to reach a fast and unique fitness level.

Boxing Classes in Johannesburg

This is a sport that is certainly enjoyed by South Africans. Boxing training classes will help you gain unique skills which you can carry with you throughout your life. It also holds fast results to high fitness levels and gives focus to the mind.

Muay Thai

Also offer by our gym, Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It consists of both stand up fighting and various techniques of settling techniques. With the help and dedicated training from our experts, you too will achieve expert level and soon enjoy high fitness results.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu

This rich in history art form, lies in the guidance of the opponents force techniques against themselves. When translated, the word Jiu Jitsu, means flexible technique of art… Our gym offers this training to our members and assures fast results to physical fitness.