Muay Thai Training Tips for Beginners

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Muay Thai Training Johannesburg provides the best Muay Thai Training Tips for beginners. We know how scary and intimidating it is walking into your first training session. But there are misconceptions about the art of Muay Thai and we are here to dispel some of those fallacies.

Muay Thai Training Tips: Number One

You have to be in peak physical condition to join a Muay Thai class? Nope! This is definitely not true. This is a sport based on skill and skill alone. Muay Thai is about technique rather than a six pack or large biceps. Yes, all the conditionings and warm ups will assist you in getting to a good physical condition, and your fitness will improve with time – but you do not have to be at the top pf your game upon entering your first training session.

Muay Thai Training Tips: Number Two

You will not be the king or queen of Muay Thai on your first attempt – in fact, you will most probably suck! As mentioned above, Muay Thai is a technical and skill based sport that takes time to master. Do not get frustrated, it happens to everyone. In time you will understand all aspects of the sport but in the beginning just go with it and do not be too hard on yourself.

Muay Thai Training Tips: Number Three

Watch and learn! You see, there is an art and a science behind Muay Thai. Becoming familiar with how these fights play out is very important to any one hoping to become a Muay Thai master. YouTube is your fighting education!

Three Muay Thai Training Tips Summed Up

To sum it all up, you do not have to be a massive body builder type to begin Muay Thai. You will not be a prodigy on your first attempt at the sport (be prepared to get frustrated – and just go with it.) And finally, educate yourself on the masters of the sport, watch fights and learn!