Try Muay Thai in Johannesburg

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Learn the Magic of the East

Muay Thai training, Also known as Thai boxing, is a contact sport originating in Thailand that encompasses stand-up striking as well as clinches. It is characterised by the combined use of knees, elbows, shins and fists. For this reason, it is termed a full contact sport. With its international success as a rounded martial art able to defeat many others, it is becoming popular as an exercise regime on its own. The fitness required by practitioners is noted to be equal to most other martial arts used as exercise, discipline and sport.

Muay Thai in Johannesburg is becoming the most popular of all the martial arts and is being attempted by men and women alike. If it is used as a powerful fitness method, it allows the proponent to compete only with him or herself and to gain personal insight and mental strength. This Siamese-style boxing relies on agility and technique and not just strength, hence it is favoured by women who plan to increase their ability to defend themselves against large attackers and who desire to overcome the fear of being vulnerable and exposed to violence.

With Gauteng being the crime capital of South Africa, Muay Thai training in Johannesburg is the dominant form of self-defence with the added benefit of seriously increasing your cardio-fitness and your self-esteem. Being confident that you are able to defend yourself and possible your family in danger is a powerful booster to morale and well-being. Perceived weakness can be sensed by attackers and used against their prey however the opposite is also true. When you exude a sense of strength and power, attackers will sooner choose a more susceptible victim.